Too Fast for Wisdom

Our society is moving at breakneck speed. And things are accelerating. And people are more self-absorbed and hyper individualized than generations past—especially the young. There is good to be had in this scenario. A confident individual who is focused on solving a problem and won’t be dissuaded by obstacles or naysayers can better accomplish her … [Read more…]

On His Terms

If God exists then everything is on His terms; if the God of the Bible exists, then the Biblical text are His terms. Portions of the Bible are more clear than others, but none of it is unclear. When I read the Bible there are portions I don’t want to hear because they demand something … [Read more…]

Cry of the Skeptic – 3

“The question of the existence of God is the single most important question we face about the nature of reality.” – Sir John Polkinghorne (Particle Physicist, Cambridge University) “What I believe in my heart, must make sense in my mind.” – Ravi Zacharias Skepticism: The method of suspended judgment; an attitude of doubt. So, essentially … [Read more…]

Cry of the Skeptic – 2

“Devotions for Agnostics” sounds a bit odd. As a seeker, you are devoting time and energy to seeking the truth. So, this is, in a sense, a devotion. You’re probably a somewhat unhappy skeptic. A happy skeptic doesn’t really want to know the truth–he’s comfortable sitting on a fence. You, on the other hand, are … [Read more…]

Why Does God Hide?

“Doubt is not the absence of faith, it’s the absence of certainty.” – Anonymous I sat in church between my brothers, staring at the altar—at the bread and wine under the pure white veils—Christ’s body and blood. A restless teen, one part of me was scared He was real, while another part of me thought, … [Read more…]