Reality & Perception

The creation/evolution debate centers on nothing less than the origin, foundation and present status of the whole of reality itself. Far from being a “science-only issue” it reveals a comprehensive understanding of one’s world—a person’s worldview—and this understanding can only be ascertained by first determining the definitive answer to this question.   Note that the … [Read more…]

A Unified View of Our World – 4

“I’m a very passionate believer in the unity of knowledge. There is one world of reality – one world of our experience that we’re seeking to describe.” – Sir John Polkinghorne (Particle Physicist, Cambridge University) All of life and reality must make sense when taken as a whole. The big picture must be clear on … [Read more…]

The Depth of My Soul

Christ’s calling on our life is higher than any individual’s rights and feelings—even the most personal and intimate. Even the deepest parts of our heart belong to God. This is, in fact, the key: these depths of soul and spirit within us, these especially belong to God—that’s where He belongs, that’s where He yearns to … [Read more…]

Too Fast for Wisdom

Our society is moving at breakneck speed. And things are accelerating. And people are more self-absorbed and hyper individualized than generations past—especially the young. There is good to be had in this scenario. A confident individual who is focused on solving a problem and won’t be dissuaded by obstacles or naysayers can better accomplish her … [Read more…]

On His Terms

If God exists then everything is on His terms; if the God of the Bible exists, then the Biblical text are His terms. Portions of the Bible are more clear than others, but none of it is unclear. When I read the Bible there are portions I don’t want to hear because they demand something … [Read more…]

Cry of the Skeptic – 3

“The question of the existence of God is the single most important question we face about the nature of reality.” – Sir John Polkinghorne (Particle Physicist, Cambridge University) “What I believe in my heart, must make sense in my mind.” – Ravi Zacharias Skepticism: The method of suspended judgment; an attitude of doubt. So, essentially … [Read more…]

Cry of the Skeptic – 2

“Devotions for Agnostics” sounds a bit odd. As a seeker, you are devoting time and energy to seeking the truth. So, this is, in a sense, a devotion. You’re probably a somewhat unhappy skeptic. A happy skeptic doesn’t really want to know the truth–he’s comfortable sitting on a fence. You, on the other hand, are … [Read more…]

Why Does God Hide?

“Doubt is not the absence of faith, it’s the absence of certainty.” – Anonymous I sat in church between my brothers, staring at the altar—at the bread and wine under the pure white veils—Christ’s body and blood. A restless teen, one part of me was scared He was real, while another part of me thought, … [Read more…]